Founder In Year 1944, an inspiration was born in a small town of Haryana State in India. A boy who dreamt of being an aeronautical engineer. What truly drove him was his uncompromising passion and interest inthe things he set his targets at. Luck bestowed him opportunities and situations whilst he made the most out of it.

Named Mohammad Hanif Rajput by his parents, the boy was taken to Nawabshah, the eastern end of India, which later became a part of the newly formed country of Pakistan. Driven by dreams, he sought education at the famous Islamia High School and Kalimori College in Hyderabad. His dreams even took him to England to pursue higher studies and then to Scotland but destiny had its way of making things happen. He left studies and started working.

His only former work experience was that of Mess Manager acquired during his college days and his next job profile developed at an export packing firm in London. Then on, he moved to British Railways and found himself dissatisfied with life. The mid-life crisis set in. Luckily this loss of satisfaction gave birth to a new beginning. A beginning not as humble as its origins.

Like most of us, he found comfort in food! However, unlike most of us, the comfort lied in serving people and not just tantalizing one’s own taste buds. He discovered that he was born for the hospitality business.

At 45, he swapped his job for the position of clerk in Intercontinental Hotel, London and his marital status to married. Took up odd jobs along with the current job, for another 3 years, to bear the living costs of the cosmopolitan but never gave up his dreams.

His daughter was born and an opportunity at Avari Hotel Karachi. The administration had finally responded to an old application and offered him a job as Restaurant Manager of Avari Club. Now touching 50, he was touching lives of his several guests. He was organizing dream events, serving everyone to his best.

This content of heart lead him to start his own cafeteria in Nawabshah. Passion, combined with interest and engineering brain led to the “one window operation” catering service that very soon became popular among the masses. “Hanif Rajput Caterers” became a household name.

His innovative ideas and diverse expertise allowed him to multiply his fields of work. Today Hanif Rajput Group of Companies stand as a testament of his sheer hard work and excellence. Sadly he is no more with us, but lives as an inspiration forever. Luckily, the legacy continues as his children mirror his dedication and principles.